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How come?

How come that now we can adapt so fast but not change voluntarily? How come we hardly challenge the standards?

How come that the people who hold our society together are the least acknowledged? How come that we live in houses where we don’t know our neighbors? How come that in many educational systems, the only thing that matters is performance?

How come that we equate the value of a human being with performance? How come we spend more time at work than with our families? How come we use work to distract from life?

How come that mental health is not a priority? How come that people are diagnosed as ‘mentally ill’ while we haven’t understood mental health yet? How come we have everything and still miss something?

Home come we only learn to listen to others but not to ourselves? How come we let opinions of other people decide over our wellbeing? How come young people have to struggle with anxieties about their appearance?

How come so many just can’t cope with life? How come we blame them instead of the system? How come that global drug consumption is constantly rising to record heights?

How come you and I can be connected over thousands of miles, yet we all act as we were alone on the planet? How come some people are worth more than others? How come global free trade kills local production?

How come that suicide rates amongst farmers keep rising globally? How come we believe that food has to be as cheap as possible? How come we feed pigs while people starve to death?

How come we treat earth like it’s ours and all we ever do is take from it? How come, hundreds of species are extinct before we even know they exist? How come 30 percent of children in Hamburg have never been to a forest?

How come that in a democracy, we are only ‘allowed’ to vote every 4 years? How come politicians can decide on laws they don’t understand themselves? How come, politicians are not held accountable for anything they promise?

How come the majority in Germany doesn’t trust politics? How come that right-wing radicalism is still present? How come Germany is perceived rich while in Berlin every third child is growing up in a Hartz4 household?

How come in the US, presidency can be bought? How come global corporations have more power than ‘ordinary’ people or the government? How come we have to save banks — and other companies — that do nothing good for humanity?

How come that growth is the only success criteria for a business? How come that it is also a universal right to exist? How come competition is valued over cooperation?

How come companies can earn money through harming people? How come companies can sell products that make us ill? How come that some people can acquire the value of the work of others?

How come global companies gain more money through financial games than with their actual products? How come that companies can pay out more to shareholders than they have earned in the previous year? How come the main thing we aim for is infinite growth, even though we understand it’s impossible?

How come that 10 % of the population are living in inhumane conditions while world’s richest own billions? How come money creates power? How come we value profit over humanity?

How come that kind people never make it to the top?

How come that all we want is more?

How come we keep being blind to the facts?

How come we believe ‘that’s just the way it is’?

How come we need a global pandemic to realize?

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