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The Power of Words

Aktualisiert: 5. Okt 2018

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People often tell me that I have a good feeling for language, that I’m good with words.

I don’t consider myself that special, particularly since I am not even a native english speaker. I am sometimes rather annoyed that I fail to express myself properly. However I do like that recognition because I believe words matter quite a lot. I’m a strong believer in fine nuances and also in the way how we express and say things. But I also think that the way we choose our words is crucial and can become an essential part of relations while contributing to the wellbeing of others.

Just recently a person that is quite important to me said something to me that I will probably never forget. We had a nice evening together and just as we were saying goodbye he said ‘Somehow everything I do with you feels like home’. 

He could have said a usual thing as ‘hey, thanks for the good time’ or ‘great that we had such a nice evening together’. But this was different. This was bigger because the meaning of the word home is just tremendous in itself. Home is the place where you feel comfortable and save. No matter how bad life treats you - you can always come back home. So with the use of these simple words, he probably said to me one of the most beautiful things I will ever hear.

This made me think and brought me to the decision that I want to pay more attention to the words I use myself. I want to choose my words more carefully and more wisely. Because they can guide someone for the rest of their life, positively or negatively. Words have the power to enter our mind and remain. They are capable of patiently staying there, waiting for the perfect moment to come out, potentially a moment where they can make you feel better..

So we should all practice this more often. This is a text that I wrote down as it found its way to my head, so I don’t have the solutions yet on how to specifically do that. Maybe someone who reads this is already one step further. Until then I think just raising your own awareness is already a good start. Start by listening better to yourself and others. Which words do people around you use that affect you and why? What are the words and meanings that stick in your head? What are the words that have impact on others in your own communication. What do they make out of it and what do they remember?

Too many people in this word keep shouting out, without making an effort to think a second about how that affects the ones around. But unfortunately I guess the same amount of people keep their mouth shut when actually saying something would matter the most.

Sometimes what is unsaid can be devastating. I know from experience that for some people saying things out is as hard as being quiet for others. So just pull yourself together and speak it out. And most of all, just say more nice stuff to people.

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